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Modula - all about integration

To integrate laser plastic welding modules into a special machine, a laser unit and an optics from our product portfolio is required in minimum. We support you in the selection of the type of optics and laser power most suitable for your product. In addition, we are happy to carry out the corresponding tests for you in our application laboratory.

Additionally to laser and optics, we also offer the clamping unit for pressing the parts together during welding as well as the motion system. Servo axes or scanners tracing the welding contour, can be used as motion systems. We optimally match all components relevant to the welding process to each other and supply them from a single source.

Depending on the hardware selected, different options for process control and quality evaluation are enabled in the user interface.

The integrating special machine builder is responsible for the safety of the overall system. Depending on the safety concept, we can offer different solutions for emergency stops and interlocks to support your integration also from the safety side.

Some special combinations of Modula components, which are more frequently requested, are also offered for specific solutions under the name Modula Assemblies.

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